Swistak Farm - Strawberry Storage and Care

Swistak Farm Strawberries
Fresh Strawberries
Treat strawberries gently. Sort out bruised or rotting berries.
Store strawberries in refrigerator uncovered in a shallow container.
Strawberries stay fresh for 3 - 4 days.
Do not wash strawberries until just before using.
When ready to use, wash quickly in cold water. Do not soak.
Drain strawberries before hulling.

Freezing Strawberries
Freeze only firm, fully ripe berries.
Wash only a few strawberries at a time in cold water.  This helps avoid bruising and soaking.
Drain berries on absorbent paper or in a colander or sieve.
Remove the hulls.
Place the strawberries in a sealed bag or container and then submerge in ice water to lower temperature for fast freezing.
You may wish to place on a tray to fast freeze, then place in freezer bags while adding a little sugar to each bag.
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